Where To Get 10 Dollars In Quarters?

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There are multiple reasons you may need to get quarters. Perhaps you are planning a yard sale or helping your kids make a lemonade stand. Maybe the closest bank is too far away and you need to do laundry. Either way, you have several options to get 10 dollars or more in quarters.

The Best Places to get 10 dollars or more in quarters are:


  • Any Bank- including banks you don’t have an account with as long as you have cash.
  • Most Major Chain Grocery Stores– You will need to visit customer service as tellers only have limited funds in their till.
  • Fast Food Restaurants– be sure to go to major fast-food restaurants for better success.
  • Anywhere You Can Make a Small Purchase– besides just the change, you can get cashback at some stores.
  • Arcades or Bowling Allies– Arcades will have change machines that can easily provide change.
  • Self Serve Car Wash Stations– most have change machines.
  • Convenience Stores or Pharmacies– Some may not give change back because they tend to have very low cash if any available.

The Bank


The bank is by far the easiest of the many options available to get quarters. That being said you may not always have access to a bank which is why it isn’t the ONLY option. If you have an account with the bank you can go into the bank at any point and get change.

If you aren’t a customer of the bank you may need to have cash but it shouldn’t be a problem to exchange cash for change. Be aware that some banks may not like you getting change consistently without being a customer and having your own account.

This is understandable because the bank won’t have any information on who you are or what you are doing with the change on a consistent basis.

putting money in a plastic piggy bank

Generally speaking, you won’t have to worry about that because exchanging lower amounts of money for change isn’t normally viewed as suspicious. However, if you need a large number of quarters, a bank is probably the only option.

If in the event you need a large number of quarters go to a bank and try to exchange in increments of $10. This is because 1 roll of quarters is $10.

By exchanging $110 rather than $105 you will have the teller and yourself a lot of extra work and time.

Most Major Chain Grocery Stores


Most major grocery stores will have no problem providing you with rolls of change but you should go to the customer service rather than a teller. The teller will only have a specific amount of change on hand and may not be able to fill your request.

Simply go to the customer service desk and ask for the number of quarters you need. If you are lucky they will be able to help you and you can exchange your cash for quarters.

Going to major chain stores will increase the odds of being helped because smaller “ma and pa” stores tend to have less change on hand and you will be relying on the small business owner’s hospitality.

Fast Food Restaurants


Fast food restaurants can be a good option to get quarters because they have a higher volume customer base making smaller purchases.

Now not all fast-food restaurants will be willing to give you quarters but most of the time you can get a roll without too much hassle.

Other restaurants may require you to make a purchase and then you can ask for your change in quarters but this isn’t always ideal unless perhaps you want a snack.

It is always worth a shot if you are in the vicinity and need some quick change.

Anywhere You Can Make A Small Purchase


There are two options here,

  1. You can ask for all of your change back in quarters and the other,
  2. You can ask for cashback.


Both are good options and widely available in several locations. If you are willing to make a purchase or need to make one anyway this can be a good time to ask for your change back in quarters.

The other option of asking for cashback which will make your “purchase” bigger is only available at some locations and not others. More and more places aren’t giving cash back because they are trying to keep lower amounts of money in their tills at any given moment.

If you do find a store that gives cash back asking for some or all of your cashback in quarters may require a supervisor or manager to facilitate that much change depending on how much you need.

Arcades and Bowling Allies 


Arcades and Bowling Allies are an amazing option for getting your hands on some quarters. You are more than likely going to have to do some searching for an Arcade because they are becoming less and less common.

But, even though they may be hard to find they are an excellent option for quarters because they have change machines. These change machines take your bills and spit out the equivalent in quarters.

With how many quarters Arcades need to play the games, it’s no wonder you can get so many quarters!

Entrance To An Arcade

Self Serve Car Washes

Similar to Arcades Car Wash stations usually run on quarters for a specific amount of time to wash. That being said, if you find a self serve car was they will likely have a quarter machine available.

Because after all, it’s hard to wash your vehicle without having quarters to pay for it. This provides you with two great options. You can get your car washed AND get the quarters you need at the same time.

Take a quick Google search and find your nearest Car Wash Station and give it a shot you might be surprised.

Convenience Stores and Pharmacies


If you want a more local approach to finding some quarters you can visit the nearest convenience store or Pharmacy. Most are locally owned so make sure to be careful with how much you ask for.

They likely won’t have a lot of change on hand so it’s probably not the best option to ask for a lot of change. But for 10 dollars you probably won’t have any problems.

The Options, How Many Quarters Should You Get?


There are a lot of options available to you to get quarters. $10 in quarters at most places shouldn’t be a problem but if you need a lot of quarters a bank is still the best option. You can call ahead if you need a large amount to save you some time.

Don’t forget to get the best Savings Account at CIT Bank and you can be saving quarters like you never thought possible!

But, let’s look at how many quarters you can get for different dollar amounts, then, how many you may need! Note; Quarters come in rolls of $10 so the numbers will reflect that amount. You can get odd umbers but this may increase the time it takes to get your coins as they will need to be counted by hand.


Dollar Amount Number of Rolls Number of Quarters
$10 1 40
$50 5 200
$75 7.5 300
$100 10 400
$125 12.5 500
$150 15 600
$175 17.5 700


Obviously, having 600 quarters may seem like a lot but really, it isn’t uncommon for places to have 15 or more rolls of quarters. So, when might you need quarters and how many should you have?

When Might You Need Quarters (practical uses)?


There are a lot of ways you can use quarters, here, I’m going to lay out a few that are a bit more practical. For a list of many uses for quarters here’s a list of practical and impractical uses. 

Laundry Machines


There are a lot of people who are still relying on “pay as you go” Laundry services. If you live in an apartment it’s almost guaranteed you will need some change.

Normally it will cost you a couple of dollars to do laundry every time so you will probably be paying $20-$50 every month. If the machine only takes quarters you can exchange for rolls of quarters every so often and be ahead of the game.

Toll Roads Or Public Transit


Lots of public Transit still requires you to have change. If you are taking the bus or other transit every day it is well worth your time to stock up a little bit on the necessary change needed every day.

When Making Change Ex. Yard Sales


Yard sales are one of the most common places people will require change. After all, you are selling your stuff and people don’t always have exact change. You will go through a lot of quarters so having 2-4 rolls on hand is a good idea.

counting out cash at a table

Parking Meters


Simply driving around and trying to find a parking spot is bad enough. Then you find the spot and need to pay for parking. If this is a regular occurrence for you, you can plan ahead and get a roll of quarters for your vehicle. This way you will be ready the next time you’re stuck paying a meter.

Card Games With Friends


Poker is a common game for people to get together and play. But, it doesn’t usually end up being the high rollers club. Playing for quarters and smaller denominations are quite common. Especially if you are the one planning a night with friends to play poker or other games, you should consider getting some extra change.

Many people don’t plan and will show up and want to “buy-in” but not have any change.

Stocking Stuffer


Don’t know what to get someone for Christmas? Consider a roll of quarters! It’s “unique” in a way because the added weight can throw people’s impression off of what’s inside the stocking making it a bit more fun to open and find out its money.

After all, quarters can be spent anywhere, if you get a gift card the recipient will be confined to one store.


There are a lot of places to get quarters, the bank is the easiest and will allow you the most flexibility on the amount. But, if the bank’s closed, large chain grocery stores or places like Wal-Mart are the next best option.

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