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Money management can be stressful sometimes, but these guys make it really straightforward and they really promote saving money through all of their services.
Kat Dinning
Fundrise has exceeded my expectations in every area -- returns, communications, transparency, and opportunities. What an exciting company to invest and grow with!
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How Do I get started?

When you are looking for the BEST investments, it’s Great to be able to compare the different avenues. Here we have an amazing platform for you to view and see some of the differences that are offered by these TOP TIER INVESTMENTS. 

If you want more information follow through to the investment and get some more information!

If you want some more investment information you can head over to the Blog or Readers Nook and get some Awesome books to help you Learn.

what kinds of investments are
available ?

Right now there are 97 total investment platforms available through our comparison.

 There are robo investments, REITs, trading, commodities, Real Estate, Loans and more!

You get to choose and you get a break down of the expected returns as well as when you get paid and how.

is investing risky ?

Investing does carry risk. There is no 100% guarantee that your investments will make or retain the value that you have purchased.

You should always do a risk assessment for yourself and never invest into something you aren’t comfortable with. 

I Also fully believe that you shouldn’t invest money that you cannot lose. There are a lot of people that use Hedging tactics to help lower the risk as well.

What do i need to diversify my
portfolio ?

Diversifying your portfolio is the act of spreading your investments around to multiple places so that should you lose money from one investment you can hopefully lower the risk to the rest of your portfolio.

This is a tactic used to “hedge” or reduce the risks involved with investing.

Be sure to do a self risk assessment and Start Making Money!

does investing affect my taxes?

Investing can affect your taxes dependent upon how your money is invested.

There are some platforms where your investments are tax free and others where you will have to pay taxes on the income from the investment.

Everyone’s unique investment situation means you should consult with your tax professional about how investing may affect you in your situation.

why should i start investing with one of these investments?

Investing your money is one of the BEST ways to get your money to work for you and create more money.

The age old saying “it takes money to make money!”

Here at money’s the game we strive to give you opportunities and the knowledge to make valuable life long investments for your future!


The Best Investments Compared

The Difference TOP Investment Returns Make!

Top investments is the name of the game! You want to have the safest investments that can generate the highest returns for you through the future. 

Consider this, If you were to invest $10,000 into a stock that you really like and this stock is going to give you a return of 5% per year for as long as you hold it.

 You would make $500 in that year. For a lot of people, that’s a great return!

After a few years you would have a great investment growing. Growing and making you more and more money. After 10 years you would have $16,288.95!!! That’s the power of Compound Interest! Said to be “The 8th Wonder Of The World!”

But, What about if you could increase those returns? What is you could get a 13% return? Well that would be a totally different scenario wouldn’t it. you would turn your $10,000 investment into $23,945.67!

That’s a difference of $7,656.72 for the same amount of time! Of course, with higher returns, a lot of the time you will have more risk.

Its important to learn about your own risk tolerance and the emotional response that investing your money can have.

Look into and start comparing investments for yourself today!

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