How Many Hours Do Millionaires Work per week?

Imagine, you get out of bed in the morning, stretch out and you are a millionaire! What consequences would this have on your working life? Do you have to work long hours to be successful? 79% of millionaires are self-made and work an average of 47 hours per week. In comparison, the average full-time wage …

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8 different types of income

8 Different Types of Income And How You Can Create Each One!

The 8 Different Types of Income Streams.

• Earned Income- Earned from working a job.
• Profit Income- Earned from buying and selling Products.
• Interest Income- Earned from Lending money.
• Residual Income- Earned when the job is done and you still get paid.
• Dividend Income- Earned through owning stocks/companies.
• Rental Income- Earned through renting out properties.
• Capital Gains Income- Earned through the sale of Appreciated Assets.
• Royalty Income- Earned through someone else selling your idea(s).